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Dear Guest of my Homepage

Having worked in an international business environment for many years and having travelled to different countries, it became clear to me that physical and mental well-being, as well as a continuing professional, mental and spiritual education and changes in one’s life, can lead to a more positive and happier existence—components which together form a unity and support the success of any human being.

This awareness encouraged me to incorporate my own professional and personal experiences into my mission and to develop my program "Milestones", which reflects my intentions and which has been positively received by experts.

About me: Having completed my business and foreign language education, I worked in an international public relations and human resources field for twenty years. I also earned a pedagogical degree and graduated from HAAS Business School, Executive Coaching Institute, Berkeley, California.

Global assignments as a lecturer and coach for professional and personal development and 25 years of being a fitness and mental health coach complete my professional profile and my personality: I do love this calling—it keeps me physically and mentally fit.


Have a look for yourself.…


The world and your happiness are in your hands!

Until One Is Commited



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